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About Us


DeMille Beauty started as one girl's passion for herbs and quickly transformed into something larger than herself. Cosette DeMille has been working with herbs  discovering new ways to utilize their amazing healing and restorative benefits. Here at DB we pride ourselves in the quality our products and services deliver.

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Medicinal value with a magical twist.


Here at DeMIlle Beauty we create products based upon healing and rejuvenating the body.


Our goal is to provide you with beautiful , all natural, organic, cruelty free and vegan products.  We only use the best ingredients even if they are hard to find. We believe in working with the Earth and nothing else. With quality herbs we can create beautiful concoctions for you all.  ​

Take part in our healing services and products to help ease your mind and body. Reestablish your natural homeostasis. Our powerful herbs deliver a potent packed punch. 


Inspire your mind to dream and manifest beyond your imagination with our herbal essential oils, some even tend to call them potions.  We aim to create magical healing tools that can be used any way you choose.


We want you to heal, grow, and dream with us.


All is one.


- Cosette DeMille  

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